ACRE Student Membership

The Association of Commercial Real Estate, ACRE, is a non-profit, professional association formed to promote working relationships and professionalism within the Sacramento, California commercial real estate community. ACRE brings together commercial brokers and affiliated professionals for business networking, educational presentations and discussion of industry developments.A student membership for ACRE is:

  • Non-voting
  • Open to any full-time college student defined as carrying 12 units in a community, private or state college

The membership would include a stipend of $200 for the student to draw down to attend ACRE meetings and activities. Students may serve on ACRE committees.Up to 5 students will be accepted each year. The membership period will run from October through September. Applications will be accepted only during the month of September and reviewed for approval at the ACRE October board meeting. The deadline for submission will be October 1, of each year.It is expected that the student will participate in the monthly ACRE events, usually held on the third Wednesday of the month. To make these meeting available to the student, a $200 credit with ACRE will be established for the student to use to pay event registration fees. Students must pre-register by calling the ACRE office at least 72 hours before the event or returning the registration form to ACRE requesting the Student Credit. The ACRE credit has no cash value. ACRE believes that the networking opportunities available at the ACRE events will support students in their pursue of a career in commercial real estate. For information on ACRE’s next meeting, please see our calendar.

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Outstanding Philanthropic Organization Award” in 2013

The Association of Commercial Real Estate (ACRE) has been awarded the prestigious title of “Outstanding Philanthropic Organization Award” in 2013. This award is in recognition of ACRE’s charitable acts in our community. ACRE is proud to report that over $3.5 million has been raised for local Sacramento charities.