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NEXTGEN ACRE was established in 2017.

NEXTGEN events bring together leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, movers and shakers that come from a myriad of businesses that are involved with the commercial real estate industry in regional Sacramento. Its purpose is building and becoming a part of a powerful network that positively impacts while promoting and enhancing their CRE businesses. NEXTGEN is not determined by age but was created to add the NEXT generation of ACRE events that promote networking in a new way.

These events are held throughout the year at popular “hot” development spots and typically have a special CRE industry VIP speaker as an educational component. It gives our attendees a chance to hear details on Sacramento developments, to ask questions and develop business relationships. Our events help us raise money to donate to a variety of non-profit charities in our region. Event locations often have venue space capacities that ACRE must comply with and therefore pre-event registration is required to attend. These events often sell out quickly.

The only way to attend these events is via the ACRE Events E-notice System. To receive our events updates and registrations, please click the link below “Subscribe to ACRE Events E-Notice System”.

Building lasting CRE business relationships and giving back within our region is at the heart of NextGEN’s mission.

Next level of ACRE events that focus on:
Giving back, Engaging and Networking